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06 June 2010 @ 08:34 pm
They make it so easy  
I was out at a local karaoke bar with friends the other night.  A good guy friend of mine tells me he is eyeing up the waitress and wants my advice on how to take her home with him.  I laugh and say that he has no chance with her and if he wants someone to take home, he needs to go for the "sure thing".  You know, the stupidly drunk girl who you could dance with for 2 minutes and she would be ready to take off with you.

His reply.... Of course he could go for the sure thing, but what's the point?  He wants the ego boost of taking home the girl that would be a little more of a challenge... ie. the waitress who is really hot and stone sober.  He said that he likes the challenge because "it's too easy with most girls".

Bingo!  He said the exact same thing that I have been thinking for years and it really makes me quite sad.  What has happened to girls these days that it's just THAT easy?  Some people have said that it's because women are more empowered to do what they want and have sex with whomever they want.  Those people even say that while guys have never been considered whores when they have one night stands, the times have changed and now girls are no longer considered whores either.

I asked my friend.  "If you do get a girl to go home with you after just meeting her, do you consider her a slut?"  He didn't even skip a beat, "OF COURSE!" he exclaimed very passionately.  "But what if you think you might really like her?"  He said, "I don't even expect to like a girl who I meet at the bar.  If they are at the bar looking to hook up, then that's not the type of girl I would end up really liking."

It's really sad to me that guys just "expect" it to be that easy.  It reminds me of the party I was at on New Years Eve.  There was a guy who I ended up talking to for an hour or so.  I was about ready to go home and he said I should go with him back to his place.  I said no and he persisted in asking a couple more times.  I continued to say no and he literally go mad and yelled at me "Yeah, maybe it's better you stay here anyway!" and stormed off.  I was in shock!  Absolute shock!  I mean, it's not like I don't expect guys to try... they always do... but to actually get MAD at that fact that I am not like every other whore.  Wow.

But it also proves the very point that has stuck by me in my morals to this day.  While other girls may be out there having their "fun", that will never be me.  I am looking for something bigger and the type of guy who is going to be that one who only wants the "sure thing" isn't the type of guy I would ever want to date anyway.  Thank you for making it so easy to weed out the morons!  And girls, quit making the rest of us look bad because you can't keep your legs closed.  As crappy as it is, there is still a double standard with guys sleeping around versus girls sleeping around and no matter what anyone tells you, YES... He does think you are a whore and NO... he isn't going to call you again.
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