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Cheating while in a monogamous relationship.  Is it just human nature?

I have gotten into a few debates lately with various people on this topic and I am honestly shocked with people's opinions.  They seem to believe that cheating is human nature and we have very little control over it.  I disagree.  While it may be human nature to find people attractive in a sexual way, I fully believe in choice and self control.  Tiger Woods came up in conversation.  They say that Tiger's wife should have "expected" him to cheat on her because of his profession.  That she should have known it was coming.  Sure, being a professional golfer (or a rock star, or a navy guy) has those certain stereotypes, but should she really have "expected" it was going to happen 100%?  So she shouldn't be upset about it?  That just doesn't sit right with me.

I personally have never cheated on anyone... ever!  And I never would.  I believe that if you really care about someone, you should be able to resist temptation.  And if you are in the mindframe where you are considering cheating on a consistant basis, then you shouldn't be with the person in the first place.  Just end it.  Why bother dragging it out?  Break it off and then you can go out and do whatever you want without hurting another person.

I don't know.  It's all subject to opinion, but it just makes me lose faith in finding loyalty when so many people seem to have just accepted the fact that everyone is just going to end up cheating on each other.  So we're all just supposed to "expect" to be cheated on?  All I know is that whoever ends up dating me now or in the future will never be cheated on and all I can hope for is to find someone who also has the same opinion.  Otherwise, what's the point?
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