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Truth and Lies

It's becoming more and more apparent how much people lie.  Maybe this was always the case, but it just seems like EVERYONE I come across lately feels the need to lie through their teeth.  And pointless lies too.  Super pointless.

I will give you a specific example.

Was hanging out with someone I just met and we were browsing through YouTube watching funny videos.  It all started with me wanting to show him Paper Towels.  So various videos later, I ask him if he has ever seen the disgustingly popular 2 Girls 1 Cup.  He said no, and it fact, he had never even heard of it.  So obviously I found a torrent of it and showed him.  We then spent the next hour watching the reaction videos on YouTube.

Flash forward exactly one week.  Out at a pub with a friend (who happens to know this guy).  Mentioned showing him 2 Girls 1 Cup and the fact that he had never seen it before.  Friend laughs and says that guy was the one to show him the video a couple years ago.

OK... so why??  Why bother saying you hadn't seen the video?  Because he thought I would be super stoked if I was the first one to show it to him?  Well, to be honest, I was... but only because I was so shocked he said he had never heard of it.  How could you not know about it??  But really, why bother?  Such a pointless lie with no gain whatsoever.  Not that lying is ok if some sort of personal gain is there, but at least it would be less pointless.

This is just one specific examples in a sea of liars I seem to be coming across lately.  For someone who is so brutally honest all the time, it drives me crazy!!  Does no one value the truth anymore?  
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